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Once we gain a basic understanding of your finanical situation including your income, your mortgage, your monthly budget, the circumstances that led you to have trouble paying your mortgage, your life situation, and your desired outcome we can advise you of your options. In many cases it is possible to lower the monthly mortgage payment significantly which may allow someone who is struggling to be able to afford their mortgage.

Protecting Your Interests and Promoting Financial Wellness

We've been providing thoughtful, strategic, practical legal counsel to clients since 1984. An impressive track record, Attorney Reed has taken on Goliath sized challenges in the past. Today his focus is on helping struggling homeowners nationwide. Foreclosure; a legal remedy, has been abused. It is un-necessary and unacceptable in today's world – so many other options exist!

We are a full service law firm committed to a holistic approach to providing legal services. Holistic law, like the more commonly understood holistic medicine, strives to provide services that take into account the whole person, including their values and unique family dynamics. The first step is a full examination of where you are today.

The Initial consultation includes setting up a personal individualized website for the client. After the law firm determines the best strategy for each individual client, that strategy is then communicated to the client and the clients decides how they wish to go forward.

The Attorney seeks to provide services in the most efficient manner to best serve the interest of the Client, the Client agrees that the Attorney may call upon other lawyers or paralegals (including; but not limited to, any exsisting Attorney of the client) to work with our firm on portions of this matter. Attorney Reed is licensed only in Massachusetts.

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Just because the Banks are said to be too big to fail it doesn't mean that you're too small to matter! It's important to note that the law isn't impressed by size – it is quite simply a matter of right and wrong. The law is the level playing field. We make sure everyone plays by the rules…

- Joe Loud

A Full Service Law Firm

Although many homeowners may not be able to avoid foreclosure, countless homeowners across the nation have managed to stop or slowdown foreclosure by taking advantage of a foreclosure defense option. Although homeowners can try to stop foreclosure themselves, many who have tried to contact lenders on their own are usually strung along for months on end, and are ultimately told that nothing can be done. Furthermore, effectively negotiating and preparing financial worksheets, such as the loan workout form and hardship letter, overwhelm many homeowners. This is why many have chosen to use the service of a professional to help successfully negotiate a foreclosure defense option.

Our nationwide attorney network, has enabled the firm to successfully help homeowners avoid and stop the foreclosure process on a national scale.

Why you should retain the Law Office of Michael J. Reed:
  • Our nationwide network of attorneys enables you to have access to an attorney in your state to assist you in all of your legal needs.
  • Free consultation to ascertain which services would best suit your needs.
  • We offer foreclosure defense options including, but not limited to: loan restructuring, short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure, and cash for keys.
  • We get your bank to listen to your needs because we know the law, and they know and trust us. Over time, we have developed positive working relationships with key people at most banks. Our integrity and professionalism has earned us a reputation that allows us to be heard when no one else can get through the red tape. We will use our experience and connections to get the results that you deserve.

Depending on our analysis of the homeowner's case and the result of our negotiation with his or her lender, we will advise the homeowner on which foreclosure defense option would be the most favorable for the homeowner. With our experience in loan modification, short sale, deed in lieu, cash for keys, and forensic loan audits, we are confident that we will be able to determine which option is best, as well as negotiate the best terms.